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         We have a wonderful transition to school program on a Wednesday starting at 2pm.
          Children that are nearing 4 and a half  years old are welcome to attend. Come and see! 

When should I enrol for Turuturu School?

If your 
child is commencing school for the first time, usually on their 5th birthday, it is best to enroll at the latest 4 - 6 weeks before the starting date.  If your child’s birthday is during a holiday break 4 –5 weeks before the end of the previous term is ideal.  If you are transferring schools , it is best to enroll as early as is convenient.

Do I need an appointment or can I just ‘turn up’?
An appointment is best.  Simply phone the Office,  278 2200, to arrange a time which is mutually convenient.  By making an appointment, that time is specifically put aside for you and your child and you won’t have to wait or be unnecessarily delayed.

What do I need to bring?
Your child’s birth certificate or their passport to verify their date of birth and the immunisation record.  

We take a photocopy of this key information.

What happens when enrolling?  

We visit the classroom your child will be in and if possible meet the teacher.  

We take a tour of the school and show you anything and everything you want. Just because we are enrolling a new 5 year old fresh to school, doesn't mean you won't want to see a Year 6 class hard at work. 

You can compete the enrolment form at school or take it way and bring it back later.

How much time does enrolling take?
Usually 20 –30 minutes. 

What does the school need to know.
Key contact information.

Parent/Caregiver details.

Your child’s interests 

Emergency contacts.

Medical Information.

Very Important
If your child has a medical condition, disability, learning disorder etc it is the family’s responsibility to ensure this and it’s implications are discussed and outlined so the school is informed and knowledgeable.

If we are to provide the best of care and education for your child we do need to know.  Your child is welcome at Turuturu, all information is treated in confidence. 

Children cannot be admitted before their fifth birthday however all children nearing their enrolment date are encouraged to make visits with their parents to the school and their new classroom.