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Term 2

We have had an incredibly full term with an awesome amount of learning happening both inside and outside of the classroom.

Mid Year Reports

It was very pleasing to write and share the student’s reports with whanau. The students completed a range of testing leading up to the reports and learning talks where they were able to highlight their skills. In general, the majority of students took these opportunities to show just how much they know and have improved. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend and please remember that you may contact me to discuss anything.

Speech Boards

What a resounding success this programme was! It was immensely satisfying to observe just how enthusiastically the students threw themselves into this. Speaking publically is an important skill that many of the students have developed confidence in as part of this exercise, so well done to everyone.

Fire wise Unit

I trust that all of the students have increased their knowledge and skill in keeping themselves and their whanau safe in the event of a fire. It was great to hear of the family discussions about smoke alarms and how they would safely exit their house, especially two storey dwellings, should the need arise.


We have had a full term with sport. We had the pleasure of learning skills in Hockey and Soccer from the professionals. Inter School sports went fantastically, especially the Hockey team, and the Winter Tournament was a resounding success for everyone involved. It was awesome to see the progress of the Rugby League team making it all the way to the final of the Graeme West Rugby League Tournament.

Thanks for an awesome term and I look forward to sharing in the student’s learning journey.

Thanks, David