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We want to have great relationships with parents and caregivers.
Ph 062782200.
Text 0272782200

When you are at a high achieving school, looking for ways to further improve,  children's achievement can boil down to
developing and improving relationships between home and school.
The best contact is face to face.

However, in addition to visiting school, here are the Turuturu School Staff  email addresses.

Gillian Lane Office Manager    admin@turuturu.school.nz
Richard Bradley Principal         principal@turuturu.school.nz

 Peter Fish Room 1

Lyndon Greening  Room 2

 Rowena Elgar  Room 5

 Sharon Honeyfield Assistant Principal  Room 6 

Sarah Wilson Room 10

Diane Brady  Room 11
Kim Chadwick / Jenny Stewart  Room 12

Sharon Sybrandy Deputy Principal  Room 13 

Please remember that we at Turuturu School are very interested in speaking to you regarding children's learning!