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Welcome to Turuturu School

This is the BOT page.
We develop policy and do everything we can to help make
Turuturu School the very best place for our children and yours too.

What is the Board of Trustees?

The Board is a group of interested citizens (not necessarily parents/caregivers) who have been elected or appointed to act on behalf of the community to ensure the successful education of all children enrolled at the school.

In Turuturu Schools case the Board is made up of 5 elected parent representatives, 1 elected staff representative and the Principal.

What is the Board of Trustees for?

Every state school, or state integrated school in NZ has a Board of Trustees, who act on behalf of the school’s community to ensure that the school continuously improves student progress and achievement outcomes. The board is a separate Crown entity charged with controlling “the management of the school” and as such is accountable to its parents, the community and to the government.

What does the Board Do?

The board provides strategic leadership and direction to the school. Turuturu School has a well developed policy framework which gives direction to guide all school activities.  The board needs to ensure the school’s policies are maintained and relevant at all times. The board is also responsible for providing a Charter for the school – which outlines how we will ensure the school is managed, organised and administered properly.

What doesn’t the Board Do?

An important point to understand is that the Board is not responsible for the day-to-day running of the school. Our Principal (Richard Bradley) has overall responsibility for day-to-day management of the school, within the policies and delegations established and approved by the Board.

The Ministry of Education defines the difference in roles as:

Primarily, the board governs, providing overall direction and control of the school, while the principal – as the school’s ‘chief executive’ – manages school operations.

How does the Board Work?

Well, we meet generally every 4 to 5 weeks. An agenda is issued in advance, along with supporting information/material. Matters will be discussed and where-ever possible actions agreed at the meeting. Minutes of each meeting are documented and available on request. We hope to make these available via the website also in the near future.

There are a wide range of topics for the Board to consider and therefore, in order to make the best use of the time and skills of each Board Member, we have decided to allocate areas of responsibility for the Board. However, all Board members still have an equal say and right to participate in any Board discussions/activities. Sub committee decisions need to be ratified buy the full Board.

Who are the Board of Trustees?

The current members of the Board of Trustees are as follows:

Kramer Hunt

Adrian Furth Property

Cecilia Hunt Chairperson
Contact Cecilia

Tina Gray

Samantha Turner Finances

Sharon Honeyfield: Staff Representative

Richard Bradley: Principal

How Can You Get in Touch?

The Board of Trustee meetings are “open” meetings – that means that any of you are welcome to come along and join us to observe the meetings any time you want to. We will post a schedule of upcoming meetings on the website, or you can check with the school office for the next scheduled meeting.

Meetings are generally held every 4 to 5 weeks on a Wednesday evening at 6.30pm.
All Board members may be contacted.

Here is the Complaints and Concerns Policy

Here is Mr Bradley's email.  Principal

Here is  Mrs Hunt's email         Chair