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Welcome to Room 1

Room 1 is made up of twenty four amazing Year 4 and 5 students!


In Room 1 we aspire to be self-managing learners.  Self-managed learning requires students to know what they are learning and their next learning steps. It requires students to participate fully in lessons and to ask questions to clarify their thinking. Room 1 students are working on being active learners, becoming increasingly independent - transferring learning within and across curriculum areas.


To have students who are ready, willing and able to take on any challenge!

We are here...and we are awesome!! A pep talk to all students.


For mathematics we have been learning about number and place value. How many tens, hundreds and thousands there are in a number. We have started to look at decimals too! How many tenths and hundredths there are in a number. We have really stretched our brains and thinking with these activities.  


We have been eating chocolate in class! (Don't tell Mr. Bradley!) Actually, we have been writing about chocolate with descriptive writing. We used our senses - see, hear, smell, touch and taste. Here is some of our mouth-watering writing...



Visualising is just one of the many reading strategies out there. It is when we read a sentence in a book and in our minds we construct a picture of what is happening. There has been lots of visualising happening in Room 1. Take a look...

It is all about art this term! From observational drawings to optical illusions. Room 1 has been getting in on the excitement. Check out some of the amazing work from Room 1 artists... 



We have been lucky enough to have swimming lessons at the Hawera town pools as well as in our own school pool. With all the beautiful Taranaki weather a nice dip in the pool has been most welcome!

Keep a close watch for more learning adventures ahead...