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is a delightful class of 
  26 Year 3's.
Come on in and see us in action.

Life Education
We are having a great time visiting Harold and talking about positive emotions and relationships with others.

Every Friday afternoon we are
learning how to play t-ball with our buddy class Room 10.
What a great way to finish the week!


Thank you to Karen, Bruce and Richard from Project Reef. We really enjoyed learning about Project Reef.
We enjoyed:
Watching the video of the boats going over the Patea bar.
Seeing the photos of the reef sea life, specially Eddie the eel.
Seeing all the equipment that you use.
Learning new vocabulary such as marine biologist, leather jackets & nudibranch! 

ZERO WASTE is our topic this term.
Every day for a week we counted the litter around the school.
We are in the process of using Microsoft Excel
to show the data we collected.
Watch this space to see some of the graphs.

Then we asked the rest of the school to help us have a

At 11 am and 1.35 pm we have been going out to collect any litter.
It is really great to see there is less rubbish!

We also sent an email to the South Taranaki District Council
to find out how much waste Hawera has.
Elodie from the Council emailed us back:
For year 2016 /17, we disposed of 7,823 tonnes of general waste.

Room 2 and Room 3 collected the rubbish from the red bins.
We counted the rubbish. We will show you our results soon too.
Our goal is to now find some ways to reduce
the rubbish put into the bins at school.

Ukulele with Whaea Daphne & TJ & Mace


Bike Safety with Jonno


Week 1 - we have hockey with Deb every day at 11!
We are learning to dribble the hockey ball with the hockey sticks.

Here we are - Room 3 Stars!

Come into Room 3 to read our two word smack down poems.

Thanks for visiting us Harold.

The main message from Visit 1

Hawera Aquatic Centre

Our swimming time is focused
on Water Skills and Swimming Skills.

Observational Drawing
We have been sketching.
We sketched the fort,
classroom objects.
We speed sketched (5 minutes)
Mr Bradley's Kombi Van.
(It was raining,
we huddled under
Room 6's verandah!)