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There are 22 amazing Year 1-2 learners in Room 6. Our teachers are Mrs Honeyfield and Mrs Radford. Mrs Honeyfield is an Across School Teacher for the South Taranaki Kahui Ako and the Assistant Principal so when she is doing these roles, Mrs Radford is our teacher. We are lucky to have two teachers! Plus we have an awesome Teacher Aide called Amy who helps us with our learning. We like to learn together, ask questions, discuss, laugh, and have fun!!
Term 4 Dog Safety
Our topic this term is Amazing Animals so Anna from the Vets came in to talk to the junior school about how to be safe around dogs. We learnt about dog behaviours and what that means, and what to do if we meet a dog. We practised standing like a tree and being a turtle. We now know to ask the dog's owner if we can pat their dog and to pat them on the chin or chest, not the head. The best thing was that we got to pat Anna's dog!
Term 4 Maths Measurement Madness
We love doing Maths in Room 6 and had a great time working together to complete measurement challenges using standard and non-standard units, such as cubes, ice block sticks, and the 1 metre ruler. We had to make an estimate first then measure it. Our estimates and actual measurements got closer and closer with more practise.
Term 3 School Production of Windust
The highlight of Term 3 was participating in the whole school production of Windust. Each class performed a dance and sang. We were cow boys and cow girls and our dance was called The Ballad of the Drongo Kid. It was great fun dressing up and being on stage under the lights. We all felt nervous and excited at the same time. 
Term 3 World Famous Black Ferns Rugby Sevens Player Visited Us
Gayle Broughton came to see us and tell us about her journey from a school kid to being paid to do something she loves - playing rugby. Gayle showed us the World Cup they won and her medals. We thought she was very cool!
We won the Apples in Schools from More FM!! 
We had so much fun working together to make our Matariki kites.
We enjoyed celebrating Matariki and read The Seven Kites of Matariki. We worked with a buddy and made our own Matariki kites.