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As Principal I'm very proud to be able to share our school with you. We are a vibrant and  creative  school community situated on the northern side of Hawera, Taranaki. We are committed to ensuring that all children in our care experience the very best schooling.

Our vision statement captures our approach to learning: "BELIEVE ACHIEVE SUCCEED". We hold high expectations for student achievement and work to ensure our students are knowledgeable and skillful. We also want children to be excited and interested in their learning and for our curriculum to engage our community.
Our recent ERO review highlights our success and progress accelerating the learning of all children. Please read it here.

We approach students believing that 'one size does not fit all' and aim to meet individual learning needs. This approach can be seen in what we do whether it is how we teach in classrooms, the opportunities children have to learn in a wide range of of contexts, our regular celebrations of learning,   strong remedial programmes for those needing targeted support, or parent's helping in classrooms.  

As a community we value partnership. At Turuturu School you can expect to find a warm welcome.  I am proud of the staff who constantly challenge themselves to be the best they can be. They are professional, reflective and caring.  I know their work positions Turuturu School as a modern teaching and learning environment of significance.   

Turuturu School children are warm, funny, sensitive, caring, smart and talented.
We are excited each day by their potential and are committed to do everything we can to ensure it flourishes. We invite you to enjoy our website and visit us soon.  

The development of our website is ongoing. Parents and children are able to login to new areas of the site, not available to casual visitors and see further into our school. I hope you enjoy this. Each class has a public space, available to all. However, in addition children can login to the site and add content. This part of the site is private and only available to our parents and children. We hope you enjoy it!


Richard Bradley